Open Enclave
oe_result_t oe_call_enclave ( oe_enclave_t *  enclave,
const char *  func,
void *  args 

Perform a high-level enclave function call (ECALL).

Call the enclave function whose name is given by the func parameter. The enclave must define a corresponding function with the following prototype.

OE_ECALL void (*)(void* args);

The meaning of the args parameter is defined by the implementer of the function and may be null.

This function is implemented using the low-level oe_ecall() interface where the function number is given by the OE_ECALL_CALL_ENCLAVE constant.

Note that the return value of this function only indicates the success of the call and not of the underlying function. The ECALL implementation must define its own error reporting scheme based on args.

enclaveThe instance of the enclave to be called.
funcThe name of the enclave function that will be called.
argsThe arguments to be passed to the enclave function.
This function return OE_OK on success.