Open Enclave
oe_result_t oe_create_enclave ( const char *  path,
oe_enclave_type_t  type,
uint32_t  flags,
const void *  config,
uint32_t  config_size,
oe_enclave_t **  enclave 

Create an enclave from an enclave image file.

This function creates an enclave from an enclave image file. On successful return, the enclave is fully initialized and ready to use.

pathThe path of an enclave image file in ELF-64 format. This file must have been linked with the oecore library and signed by the oesign tool.
typeThe type of enclave supported by the enclave image file.
  • OE_ENCLAVE_TYPE_SGX - An SGX enclave
flagsThese flags control how the enclave is run. It is the bitwise OR of zero or more of the following flags
  • OE_ENCLAVE_FLAG_DEBUG - runs the enclave in debug mode
  • OE_ENCLAVE_FLAG_SIMULATE - runs the enclave in simulation mode
configAdditional enclave creation configuration data for the specific enclave type. This parameter is reserved and must be NULL.
config_sizeThe size of the config data buffer in bytes.
enclaveThis points to the enclave instance upon success.
Returns OE_OK on success.