Open Enclave
oe_result_t oe_get_target_info ( const uint8_t *  report,
size_t  report_size,
void *  target_info_buffer,
size_t *  target_info_size 

Extracts additional platform specific data from the report and writes it to target_info_buffer.

After calling this function, the target_info_buffer can used for the opt_params field in oe_get_report.

For example, on SGX, the target_info_buffer can be used as a sgx_target_info_t for local attestation.

If the target_info_buffer is NULL or the target_info_size parameter is too small, this function returns OE_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL.

reportThe report returned by oe_get_report.
report_sizeThe size of report in bytes.
target_info_bufferThe buffer to where the platform specific data will be placed.
target_info_sizeThe size of target_info_buffer. This is set to the required size of target_info_buffer on return.
Return values
OE_OKThe platform specific data was successfuly extracted.
OE_INVALID_PARAMETERAt least one parameter is invalid.
OE_BUFFER_TOO_SMALLtarget_info_buffer is NULL or too small.