Open Enclave
void __oe_assert_fail ( const char *  expr,
const char *  file,
int  line,
const char *  func 

Called whenever an assertion fails.

This internal function is called when the expression of the oe_assert() macro evaluates to zero. For example:

oe_assert(x > y);

If the expression evaluates to zero, this function is called with the string representation of the expression as well as the file, the line, and the function name where the macro was expanded.

The __oe_assert_fail() function performs a host call to print a message and then calls oe_abort().

exprThe argument of the oe_assert() macro.
fileThe name of the file where oe_assert() was invoked.
lineThe line number where oe_assert() was invoked.
funcThe name of the function that invoked oe_assert().