Open Enclave  0.9.0
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C_oe_basic_xstateBlob that contains X87 and SSE data
 C_oe_claimClaims struct used for claims parameters for the attestation plugins
 C_oe_contextRegister state to be saved before an exception and restored after the exception has been handled in the enclave
 C_oe_datetimeThis struct defines a datetime up to 1 second precision
 C_oe_enclave_settingThe uniform structure type containing a specific type of enclave setting
 C_oe_enclave_setting_context_switchlessThe setting for context-switchless calls
 C_oe_exception_recordException context structure with the exception code, flags, address and calling context of the exception
 C_oe_identityStructure to represent the identity of an enclave
 C_oe_policyGeneric struct for defining policy for the attestation plugins
 C_oe_reportStructure to hold the parsed form of a report
 C_oe_uuid_tStruct containing the definition for an UUID