Open Enclave  0.8.0

◆ oe_get_private_key()

oe_result_t oe_get_private_key ( const oe_asymmetric_key_params_t key_params,
const uint8_t *  key_info,
size_t  key_info_size,
uint8_t **  key_buffer,
size_t *  key_buffer_size 

Returns a private key that is associated with the identity of the enclave.

key_paramsThe parameters for the asymmetric key derivation.
key_infoThe enclave-specific key information to derive the key.
key_info_sizeThe size of the key_info buffer.
key_bufferA pointer to the buffer that on success contains the requested private key.
key_buffer_sizeOn success, this contains size of key_buffer.
Return values
OE_OKThe key was successfully requested.
OE_INVALID_PARAMETERAt least one parameter is invalid.
OE_INVALID_CPUSVNThe platform specific data has an invalid CPUSVN.
OE_INVALID_ISVSVNThe platform specific data has an invalid ISVSVN.
OE_INVALID_KEYNAMEThe platform specific data has an invalid KEYNAME.