Open Enclave  0.7.x
oe_result_t oe_generate_attestation_certificate ( const unsigned char *  subject_name,
uint8_t *  private_key,
size_t  private_key_size,
uint8_t *  public_key,
size_t  public_key_size,
uint8_t **  output_cert,
size_t *  output_cert_size 


This function generates a self-signed x.509 certificate with an embedded quote from the underlying enclave.

[in]subject_namea string contains an X.509 distinguished name (DN) for customizing the generated certificate. This name is also used as the issuer name because this is a self-signed certificate See RFC5280 ( specification for details Example value "CN=Open Enclave SDK,O=OESDK TLS,C=US"
[in]private_keya private key used to sign this certificate
[in]private_key_sizeThe size of the private_key buffer
[in]public_keya public key used as the certificate's subject key
[in]public_key_sizeThe size of the public_key buffer.
[out]output_certa pointer to buffer pointer
[out]output_cert_sizesize of the buffer above
OE_OK on success