Open Enclave  0.12.0

◆ oe_verifier_get_format_settings()

oe_result_t oe_verifier_get_format_settings ( const oe_uuid_t format_id,
uint8_t **  settings,
size_t *  settings_size 


Gets the optional settings data for the input evidence format.

This feature is marked as experimental:
[in]format_idThe format ID for which to retrieve the optional settings.
[out]settingsAn output pointer that will be assigned the address of a dynamically allocated buffer that holds the returned settings data. This pointer will be assigned a NULL value if there is no settings needed.
[out]settings_sizeA pointer that points to the size of the returned format settings buffer (number of bytes).
Return values
OE_OKon success.
OE_INVALID_PARAMETERAt least one of the parameters is invalid.
otherappropriate error code.