Open Enclave  0.12.0

◆ oe_get_seal_key_by_policy_v2()

oe_result_t oe_get_seal_key_by_policy_v2 ( oe_seal_policy_t  seal_policy,
uint8_t **  key_buffer,
size_t *  key_buffer_size,
uint8_t **  key_info,
size_t *  key_info_size 

Get a symmetric encryption key derived from the specified policy and coupled to the enclave platform.

[in]seal_policyThe policy for the identity properties used to derive the seal key.
[out]key_bufferThis contains the resulting seal key upon success. Freed by calling oe_free_key().
[out]key_buffer_sizeThis contains the size of the key_buffer buffer upon success.
[out]key_infoIf non-NULL, then on success this points to the enclave-specific key information which can be used to retrieve the same key later, on a newer security version. Freed by calling oe_free_key().
[out]key_info_sizeOn success, this is the size of the key_info buffer.
Return values
OE_OKThe seal key was successfully requested.
OE_INVALID_PARAMETERAt least one parameter is invalid.
OE_UNEXPECTEDAn unexpected error happened.
OE_OUT_OF_MEMORYFailed to allocate memory.