Open Enclave  0.12.0

◆ oe_deserialize_custom_claims()

oe_result_t oe_deserialize_custom_claims ( const uint8_t *  claims_buffer,
size_t  claims_buffer_size,
oe_claim_t **  claims_out,
size_t *  claims_length_out 


Deserialize custom claim buffer

[in]claims_bufferPointer to the serialized custom claims buffer.
[in]claims_buffer_sizeSize of the serialized custom claims buffer buffer.
[out]claims_outPointer to the address of a dynamically allocated buffer holding the list of custom claims.
[out]claims_length_outThe length of the claims_out list.
Return values
OE_OKThe function was successful.
OE_INVALID_PARAMETERAt least one parameter is invalid.
OE_CONSTRAINT_FAILEDThe serialized custom claims buffer size is too small or invalid.
OE_OUT_OF_MEMORYFailed to allocate memory.
OE_UNEXPECTEDAn unexpected error happened.